Is there a risk beast that is hyper intelligent and/or a risk beast that inducts hallucinations?

the High Menmae all possess at least human-level intellect, and of course with variance there will be geniuses among them.

As for hallucinations, while of course there’s poisonous risk beasts and some of those poisons would be hallucinogenic, an already created one is the hag drake which breathes out a thick fog that puts you into a hallucinogenic stupor and then melts you from the lungs outwards

How are risk hunters viewed by society? are parents concerned by the fact that their children might get blinded by the exitment and sheer awesomeness of Risk Hunters?

in some cases they want them to stay at home and work the family business, in some they don’t particularly care, in some said kids were already thrown out so they had to find something they could do. the more kids you have the more fine you are with it, i’d say hahah.

risk hunting generally draws two types of people, the idealistic and the desperate. so i guess in a way it’s like the military.

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