Yo porkster, I want to try talking to some more popular artists I’m mutuals with but I don’t want it to come across as kissing up just to get more clicks on my art/begging for free art. Any advice on approaching them?


They’re just people dude, just make sure you actually have something to talk about and go from there. Good luck

i’d advice striking up a conversation in a “public” interaction such as while they’re streaming or in a discord server etc. a private message will come off much worse because PMs have a negative association. I know i’m on guard if i get pm’d a “hi”.

Commission Info


This post is current as of 06/30/2018

*Commissions Are OPEN!*


  1. – OPEN –
  2. – OPEN –
  3. – OPEN –
  4. – OPEN –

Slots are limited to 4 while I assess demand and get feedback. Slots will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Posted rate is for single character, simple backgrounds only. See below for additional costs.

Please send commission inquiries to golden-silver@live.com. Put what tier of commission you are interested in in the subject line (Sketch Commission, for example). Have references and a detailed description of your commission ready.

Once the details are settled I’ll draft a sketch, and if everything is satisfactory we’ll settle payment and the commission will be delivered some time after that. Sketch commissions should be paid at the time of delivery. Please allow a longer time for more detailed commissions. Commissions should be safe for work, but I am willing to negotiate NSFW and lewd images on a case by case basis.


Additional costs/add-ons:


Add $5 per extra (extra characters, scene, alternates)

Color: Add $10 per extra (extra characters, scene, alternates)

Illustration: Add $30 per extra character or complex background/scene. No alternates will be provided for illustrations.

Ref Sheet: Price ranges from $80 for a colored, shaded image, up to $120 for full illustration depending on complexity. Will be worked out on a per-commission basis.

Includes 2 standing images front and back, as well as 2 slots for whatever specific details you would like depicted (armor, weapons, details, or just expressions).

Streams happen at least once a month on Picarto where I will work on current commissions. Monthly commissions are available for a discounted rate via my Patreon, regardless of open commission slots. These monthly commissions are taken only during live streams.

High res links for these images as well as more examples are available here: https://imgur.com/a/8rXUFSr


Lily’s Incomplete Knight Owl suit



I’m pretty new to art and I was wondering how do I use art books? Do I literally just follow along and do what they say or am I supposed to just remember the knowledge? Do I have to choose just one book for each subject like anatomy and color? I know this question makes me seem very stupid but I’m just struggling.

i honestly can’t give a good advice to this, since me as a beginner looking at art books was over 10 years ago as a kid and then i didnt look at them again until i was pretty experienced.


“tutorial until rank 101″ is my most hated thing endgame granblues say cause it’s technically true, a lot of the game’s content doesn’t open up until rank 101 and it makes your daily routine in the game look very different since these are all fights that require a lot more strategy and coordination to pull off than the stuff that’s available before then

but it results in people taking it at face value and just sliming until rank 101 to ‘skip the tutorial’ and then they end up not liking the game at all cause all the endgame stuff is overwhelming. you gotta ease into this stuff, if it really was just the tutorial they wouldn’t make it 100 fucking ranks long. if anything it’s like the 30 days free trial with limited functionality so you can see if you’re enjoying the core parts of the game before committing to all the complicated endgame stuff

Just Let People Have Fun You Deep Reddit Hacks

“granblue is a tutorial until High Rank” is true in the sense that the rest of a JRPG is a tutorial for the superboss challenge fights.

it’s also super retarded to say.